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Opticon 2022

Top 10 Takeaways

Download UNRVLD's key take homes from Optimizely's annual conference and learn how they should influence your digital roadmap for 2023.

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As an Optimizely Platinum Partner with 3 MVP’s, 4 Specialisms, and over a dozen awards over our 10+ years in partnership, we are perfectly positioned to help you move past content management and commerce to put 1st party customer data and experimentation-driven experiences at the heart of your business culture. Drive performance. Unlock potential.

01. A product suite designed for all

Find out how Optimizely's new product structure can help benefit all areas of your digital team, from generating increased revenue to streamlining marketing operations.

02. New Content Marketing Platform

Collaboration overheads are large when 85% of content creation takes place outside of your CMS. Learn how Optimizely’s new content marketing platform can offer a single view of marketing operations to speed up the content lifecycle.

03. Getting the most out of first party data

The Optimizely Data Platform stores first-party data and is well-integrated to bring all your data into a single customer view. Discover how UNRVLD can enable this for your business, allowing you to personalise experiences even on a first-time visit.

04. Improved headless content delivery

Optimizely’s new GraphQL API is an exciting prospect, and will enable Optimizely to better deliver omnichannel experiences utilising modern web technologies such as React / NextJS.

05. One-click composable platform

Introducing the Optimizely Connector Platform (OCP), an embedded integration platform allowing customers to develop point-to-point system integrations for their own composed marketing stack combinations. Find out more…

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  • Deliver Omnichannel experiences
  • Embedded integration platform
  • First party data strategy
  • New Content Marketing Platform
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