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Financial services roundtable: trends in the financial sector for 2023

A topical FS roundtable in central London looking at the future of digital service delivery for financial institutions.

February 9, 2023

Key takeaways

UNRVLD and digital experience leader, Sitecore held a complimentary breakfast to explore the key digital pain points facing FS institutions today and how composable technology can be a facilitator for necessary change

In 2022 London attracted £7.8 billion in venture capital funding, significantly ahead of its rivals globally. It has secured first place in the race to become the fintech capital of the world, leapfrogging rivals such as New York and San Francisco to embrace a new banking era with open arms. Customer behaviour is always changing and to be successful, in 2023 ambitious Financial Services (FS) firms will increasingly embrace emerging technologies and adopt more agile business models to keep up with the accelerating pace of change in the industry.

In this roundtable discussion, UNRVLD and Sitecore explored how traditional financial organisations can use technology to stay relevant amongst these industry challengers and retain business. From delivering omnichannel experiences to building a single view of your customer - we discussed how best to respond to accelerated customer expectations within the highly legislated financial world. And we encouraged the sharing of attendees own industry experience of digital disruption within the FS industry

Leading the discussion

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