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UNRVLD at Opticon San Diego

Come meet us and hear how UNRVLD leads in the Optimizely field.

October 10, 2023
Tuesday, October 10, 2023
09:00 USA (GMT-7)
Marriott Marquis, Marina, San Diego, CA, USA

Join us at Opticon 2023

The combined power of data-driven precision and the capacity for creative execution is what makes great things happen fast. Opticon 2023 will explore the intersection of art and science – how the two work in tandem to drive better digital experiences while empowering the people who create them.

Sign up to experience the magic that happens when art and science collide. From cutting-edge technologies to cheat sheets for success, our diverse community of industry leaders will showcase the latest trends and best practices that blend creativity with analytics to drive growth.

Unlocking millions of additional revenue: how to navigate the What, Where, and Why of testing

We're taking the stage on Day 2. Polly Walton, Optimizely Strategy MVP, will reveal the practical secrets behind experimentation for New Era Cap, Chilly’s and other leading brands that are turning the dial on their bottom line.

Throughout a testing programme, it can be difficult to know where to start, what is a priority and why you should focus on a particular area over another. Getting these right are key to prioritising the most valuable tests and maximising the return on investment of experimentation from the start.

Make sure to join us as we explore the three golden rules for maximising commercial impact of your experimentation.

Leading the discussion

Andy Markham
Solution Architect & Optimizely MVP
Andy Markham
Solution Architect & Optimizely MVP

Meet UNRVLD's Optimizely accredited MVPs face to face at Opticon San Diego.

Register for a free consultancy session on your business challenges at Opticon and discover how working with UNRVLD experts in the field can help you achieve better outcomes for your brand, including tactics for:

Designing stakeholder buy-in strategies
Building a roadmap for positive growth
Implementing experimentation at scale
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