Context Marketing

June 1, 2021
5 minute read

In the digital sphere, the term “context marketing” is nothing new. But plenty of businesses struggle to really understand its meaning. Not to mention, they haven’t got a clue why it’s important or how they can use it to engage with their customers.

So, what exactly is context marketing and how’s it different from content marketing? Well, content marketing is all about engaging with consumers through content that’s useful and interesting. Context marketing is about how, when and why we deliver that content. It’s about putting your marketing messages into a context that’s relevant to each individual customer.

This means that conversations between your brand and its customers are taking place across channels, devices and at the times most suited to their individual needs. What does that look like? It might be encouraging a visitor who accesses your site with social sign-in to follow you on Twitter. Or, reducing basket abandonment by letting visitors save their basket with an email address. Then, reminding them about to complete their purchase later. Instead of using their details to spam them with irrelevant newsletters.

Why you should be using context marketing

The point of content marketing is simple. People receive too many messages. Most of which they ignore, because it’s not engaging or relevant. For marketers, this is dangerous territory. When your content has no context, you’re in danger of being unsubscribed from and unfollowed. Ultimately, your customers will feel like you just don’t care. And they’ll find someone else who does.

Context marketing driven by clear goals will help you develop a more focused digital marketing strategy. The benefits of which include:

  • Increase in conversion rates (e.g. sales)
  • Better quality lead generation
  • Increased customer retention, loyalty and advocacy
  • Increased engagement

How Sitecore can help you deliver

When it comes to delivering context-relevant content, you need a powerful website content management system (CMS). Sitecore is a leading enterprise-level platform that offers superior content management. But it also helps you go above and beyond, with integrated features that help you improve customer experiences by delivering the right content, to the right people, at the right time.

Over the years, Sitecore has honed its focus on context marketing. The platform has been developed to deliver three key capabilities:

  • Website content management (WCM) – consistently rated highly by Gartner, Sitecore offers enterprise level WCM that’s robust and scalable. It allows you to manage content, without the hassle of re-development or re-design. So, content editors can focus on producing relevant and engaging content. Instead of worrying about the look and feel.
  • Customer intelligence – the Sitecore Experience Database (xDB) helps you capture and analyse key customer data, from both past and real-time interactions. Sitecore interprets and prioritises this data, based on rules and personas you’ve set. This helps you to classify prospects and customers, to deliver content in context to their needs.
  • Cross-channel delivery – A crucial part of context marketing is the “where” you deliver your message. Sitecore lets you automate customer interactions across any channel or device. Be that email, mobile, social media or other non-Sitecore websites you use. Whether you integrate with third party systems or use Sitecore’s built-in tools such as Email Experience Manager (EXM).

This winning combination helps you not only manage lots of high-quality content. But you’ll be able to personalise and automate interactions to deliver contextually-relevant messages. All the time, Sitecore keeps gathering data about each visitor, to help you get a single view of every customer and keep developing your marketing strategy.

What UNRVLD can do for you

At UNRVLD, we’re committed to giving our customers more than just “a nice website”. We make sure that you get a fully functional Customer Experience Platform (CXP) that helps you see real ROI. From our pre-build phase, Discovery, we’ll help you define clear goals and outcomes. So, everyone knows what success looks like. And the solution we deliver will be tailored to support those goals.

Plus, our digital strategy experts can help you develop a context marketing strategy that gets the most from Sitecore. We’ll make sure your website guides prospects through the sales funnel, using Sitecore personalisation and automation tools to improve the customer experience.

We’re one of a few Sitecore Platinum Partners in the UK and more Sitecore experience than any other UK digital agency. We’ve helped many of our customers reach business goals with Sitecore’s context marketing features such as leading independent law firm, Burges Salmon.