Optimizely Platinum Partner

July 8, 2021
5 minute read

We’ve racked up some major success on behalf of our clients thanks to the power of Optimizely. Combining the power and agility of an easy-to-use platform designed for real teams, in the real world. Optimizely’s got the tech you need to build mature digital experiences and create value quickly. We’ve got the know-how to ensure that you get the most out of the platform to give your customers valuable, memorable and personal experiences.  

Content, commerce, hybrid headless, automation, personalisation, AI and now experimentation make Optimizely perfectly placed for the future of your business. And our expertise make us the partner to help you achieve this.  


Optimizer Awards 2021, Most Innovative Digital Experience with New Era Cap.  

2021 Optimizely Partner Advisory Board

Mark Everard, CTO has been recognised with an Optimizely Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award 2022.

2019 EMEA Partner of the Year  

The Proof

New Era Cap  

Doubling revenue in 2 years.  

Our teams are integrated into New Era's business, working agile across their Sales, Buying, E-commerce, Brand and Marketing functions.​ By running IM, ALM, Projects and a dedicated Growth team in parallel, we can go very fast. We now ship on average every 4 weeks.  ​  

Our strategy is simple. Rock solid BAU managed services provide predictable processes to reduce technical debt and bugs. That means we can focus on high value activities -redesigning and optimising key moments of the customer experience. Starting with product discoverability and customer data segmentation, we’ve now create da best-in-class check out process which is strengthened by a multimarket technical SEO strategy.

The results speak for themselves - and we’re only at the beginning of our ambitious development roadmap. 


Increasing online revenue by 5x

We've integrated Eason's platforms to give the user a seamless experience, connecting payments, gifting and loyalty programs. By personalising the user journey, we took an experience that only brick and mortar can offer, online. We used data to make the transition from online to the store and visa versa, effortless. ​

We know that small iterative change can often make the biggest difference. So, to further drive conversions we used Optimizely to load search autocomplete suggestions.  Everyday we look for new and improved ways to add value, creating a lasting and profitable business relationship. 


Understanding the Intelligence of data with Optimizely  

In the ultra-competitive energy supply sector, customer retention is a real challenge. It was clear therefore that Energia needed a customer-first strategy and an exceptional user experience to encourage loyalty from their customers. 

Underpinned in the Optimizely Content Cloud, we created The Energy Online Experience to put power in the hands of the user. The Energy Online experience provides simple, intuitive access to customer’s account information, helping them access services and benefits on any device.

Live with Optimizely

Joey Moore, Head of Partner Evangelism at Optimizely, sits down with UNRVLD Chief Growth Officer, Geoff Lentin to discuss the reception of the recent acquisition and subsequent rebrand, the wider shift in the market towards software as a service and the launch of the Data Core Service.