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13 Mar

A marketer’s guide to artificial intelligence enablement

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Tom Holt, Head of Strategy, shared his thoughts in Warc this month on how can brands avoid the hype cycle of certain innovations and make longer-term moves on AI which will benefit their marketing.

The full article is available to read on Warc today.

Many business leaders expect artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to bring about a scale of change as big as the birth of the internet itself, but marketers need to have a smart strategy to ensure usefulness and longevity of AI platforms. AI is not a golden bullet. Marketers can’t just point it at the business and, as if by magic, become better at serving customers, sell more products, improve efficiency and become more profitable. AI can take the pain out of routine tasks like lead scoring, product merchandising or sending communications, allowing marketers to focus on more strategic activities.

In this article, Tom explores how it is important to focus on the needs of the user and the business first, then consider how AI can help deliver on these. He lays out the following 5 key enablers to getting a business AI-ready which need to be in place before implementation:

  1. Assess the impact and opportunities for AI in your business
  2. Prepare your CX strategy
  3. Structure your data
  4. Ready your content
  5. Ensure your Solution Architecture is compatible

Explore these key enablers and more by reading the full article in Warc.

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