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31 Mar

Digital Trend: Incremental growth through experimentation

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Polly Pospelova, UNRVLD Head of Experience Optimisation explores why marketers must embrace continuous experimentation in order to power incremental growth.

Brands are recognising that it is not about creating great digital content or one great campaign. Digitally mature brands continue to optimise what they do, taking all of their learnings from a test into the next creation process to run a continuous loop of experiments that powers growth. Non-stop learning and continuous testing is what marketers should embrace more in 2023.

Too often, when brands think about experimentation, they believe it is too expensive. Most of the time, this is because of a limited understanding of what our digital platforms can do for us. Brands often approach the creation of experiments as ‘regular development’; building new components fully and using too many resources (back-end developers, front-end developers, QAs). This investment into unproven changes is what limits growth.

Instead, brands can test changes before full development, enabling them to become efficient and agile. If a test fails, it means a negative change has been prevented from going live. This early test and learn cycle removes unnecessary work and friction to free up time for marketers to be more creative.  It means brands can learn faster and become driven by outcomes.


Marketers must become bolder than ever before. A ‘test, learn and optimise’ mindset is a big opportunity and scaling the number of tests a brand can execute increases speed to market. You may ask, how can we scale from one test to ten tests within the same period of time? Of course, the right testing platform will give us an advantage, but efficiency and collaboration are still critical. Don't be afraid to lose.

The best companies in the world are the ones who are willing to be brave, to break and reinvent. And ultimately it is up to the digital team to create an experimentation culture and to celebrate it.

So, what is 2023 is all about?
- Experimenting at scale
- Test, evaluate, repeat!


New Era Cap works with UNRVLD to reach more customers across EMEA through their owned ecommerce channel, while creating a distinctive, personalised customer experience.

The power of iterative change is perfectly illustrated by New Era Cap’s experience.  From the outset, they committed to a programme of continuous improvements, applied to every aspect of the digital experience.  

By always optimizing, New Era Cap has developed a best-in-class interactive experience built on insight, that’s scoring some impressive e-commerce outcomes; both long-term gains, like 60% year-on-year revenue growth, and significant short-term wins, like record-breaking BlackFriday sales.

View the full case study here.

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