Driving customer loyalty with self-serve

Designing an intuitive self-serve online experience to encourage loyalty for Ireland’s leading energy supplier

Energia Group
CX Strategy, Design, Optimizely Build

Putting power in the hands of the user


In the ultra-competitive energy supply sector, customer retention is a real challenge as buyers seek out best price and short-term deals. Energia wanted to create a solution that differentiated on customer experience and autonomy, enabling customers to explore options and find the best deal available to them.


We’ve built The Energy Online Experience and tailored it for each individual customer based on multiple factors including fuel types, best value package, loyalty and usage. The Energy Online experience helps customers to self-serve; driving engagement, reducing inbound call centre activity and improving customer satisfaction.

Adding a personalised touch with smart data

The platform is underpinned by Optimizely Content Cloud, enabling Energia’s teams to personalise the experience for customers at different stages of the journey. While complex integration and data synchronisation to numerous Energia business systems ensures key online account actions such as meter reads, payments, energy usage statistics are dynamically updated.

“ UNRVLD challenges us to be digitally ambitious, helping us to understand the power of emerging technologies so we can deliver the best possible experiences for our customers. ”

Ross O'Mullan

Head of Digital Energia Group


CX Strategy
Experience Design
Optimizely build


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