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Driving customer loyalty with self-serve
Energia Group
CX Strategy, Experience Design, Optimizely Build

Energia are Ireland’s leading energy supplier, providing 100% green electricity to over 250,000 homes and businesses across Ireland.

In the ultra-competitive energy supply sector, customer retention is a real challenge. Energia has been working with UNRVLD’s newest acquisition, Made to Engage, to design an intuitive self-serve online experience to encourage loyalty from their customers.

Putting power in the hands of the user

We’ve created The Energy Online Experience and tailored it for each individual customer based on multiple factors including fuel types, best value package, loyalty and usage. 

The Energy Online experience helps customers to self-serve; driving engagement, reducing inbound call centre activity and improving customer satisfaction.

Adding a
personalised touch

The platform is underpinned by Optimizely Content Cloud, enabling Energia’s teams to personalise, adapt and optimise the experience for customers at different stages of the journey and with differing requirements. It also supports effective messaging and promotion of key campaigns and product updates or releases.

Smart data in-sync

Delivering a personalised experience and supporting key account actions such as meter reads, payments, energy usage statistics relied on integration and data synchronisation to numerous business systems.

These included Oracle Customer Care & Billing, Eckoh Payments & Qliksense analytics. As part of Energia Group’s “One Digital Platform” initiative, we’ve leveraged these applications and their rich data sets to deliver on the customer experience.

A roadmap
for future success

Energia Group are leading the way in green energy production in Ireland. Digital technologies, devices and experiences are key to unlocking effective green energy consumption and enhanced customer experience.

We’re excited to continue to partner Energia on their path to leverage technology in support of a greener future.

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