Strengthening brand authority for the world’s largest sustainability consultancy

A refreshed online presence that has repositioned ERM to increase engagement with their target audience

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Ensuring relevance in a changing market


The market has shifted its perspective on sustainability and organisations are now seeing it as business critical and a way to solve broader business challenges. ERM, with their historic expertise in this area, wanted to capitalise on this shift with a new brand positioning and transformed digital presence to connect with new audiences.


Collaborating closely with ERM’s branding agency, we've delivered a significant design update to align the website with their evolving brand identity, values and the changing market landscape. By transforming the digital experience we are asserting ERM’s position as an established leader within the sector.

Establishing authority through design

Built on Optimizely CMS 12, we’ve created a new digital branding system and optimized user-experience that showcases ERM’s positioning, expertise and service offer. With new content and features that will enable ERM to take ownership over senior-level engagements.

Integration of industry leading insights

We’ve been working to better embed a thought leadership stream into the website, bringing ERM’s expertise to life with a dedicated section for engaging content that inspires trust. This aligns with ERM’s long-term goal of pivoting one of the primary website functions towards thought leadership, establishing the brand’s credibility within the sustainability field.

Looking ahead to the sustainable future

We are continuing to work with ERM, helping them develop new ways to position and present their product and services, and offer their customers solutions to the most pressing businesses challenges of today and the future.


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