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Irish Ferries

Increasing website traffic and engagement for Irish Ferries 
Irish Ferries
Travel & Tourism
Design / Optimizely Build / CRO

With over £388m of recent investments in new fleet and port facilities, Irish Ferries boasts the most modern passenger shipping fleet in Europe, sailing crossings between Ireland, Britain and France.

The Irish Ferries' customer journey starts months before they set sail as customers research destinations, explore options and cost up itineraries. With a strong demand for digitisation in the travel sector, Irish Ferries wanted to deliver a digital experience that matched their onboard experience and rivalled that of any airline.

Adjusting the sails 

We created a rich digital experience, complete with booking, price comparison, planning and virtual tour tools for Irish Ferries' 1.5 million annual travels. From improving the booking experience to promoting WB Yeats, a brand-new cruise liner named after one of Ireland’s most famous sons, we went full steam ahead into a digital future.

All aboard

Having established the digital experience infrastructure for personalised and automated content and campaign management on Optimizely, UNRVLD set to work with Irish Ferries to enrich the customer offering. We worked to ease the booking process, introducing a Quick Quote tool that allows passengers to efficiently compare their travel options, with real-time prices at their fingertips.

Steering the ship

Integrated Marketing automation catered for communications around the discovery, booking and travel phases, ensuring loyal customers were kept informed on key promotions and offers. We also created a new mobile, giving customers an enhanced booking and onboard experience, 24-7.

Plain sailing

Website traffic and engagement has increased dramatically, while marketing automation has created new levels of success in email communications and integration with above the line marketing activities.


UX and UI Design
Optimizely Development for Global eCommerce booking platform
Integration with third party Booking Management System
Ferry Status development for real time updates on vessel and sailing status'
Backoffice system development for port level ferry management
Integration with multiple travel and tourism brands, including Haven Holidays


Optimizely Content Cloud
Hogia BookIt BMS
SMS/Messaging integration

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