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Leeds Beckett

Reimagining the future of higher education
Leeds Beckett University
Strategy / Design / Sitecore / Performance Marketing

Leeds Beckett is a leading, modern and diverse university with a 28,000-strong student body who are committed to  student success,  innovation and enterprise,  global reach  and  strong local impact.

For over seven years we’ve been creating an expansive range of sector-leading digital products and performance marketing services to support the university in its digital transformation programme.

A learning ambition

We’ve evolved a digital transformation roadmap that builds the university’s brand and reputation whilst meeting the needs of diverse stakeholder groups and end users, guided by CX research with 100 flexible dynamically-surfaced content components, that pave the way for more advanced personalisation.

Content-led thinking

The mobile responsive site is built on Sitecore 9.2, leveraging advanced features to deliver a best-in-class customer experience.  We are maximising conversion rates, managing digital media spend and ensuring the site is easy to navigate with highlighted key content and CTAs.

Intuitive design system

By adopting the sophisticated LBU content strategy we’ve developed an extensive design system to create enhanced and engaging experiences, driven by confident messaging and a bold brand identity.

Over 100 customisable components

The content is both impactful for the user and flexible for the editors. We’ve also introduced a comprehensive tagging system, paving the way for more advanced personalisation, resulting in a mobile responsive, award-winning site leveraging advanced features to deliver a best-in-class customer experience.

UNRVLD have been instrumental in helping us deliver our vision of a seamless experience with personalised and contextualised information. They have carried out a complex and detailed approach to improve many customer touchpoints and help us to deliver increased conversions and event attendances. 
Charlotte Renwick
Associate Director of Customer Marketing, Leeds Beckett University


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