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Re-positioning Qdos to create a branded digital experience that appeals to the diversity of today’s self-employed workforce

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Making business insurance easy to understand, and easy to buy


We faced a clear challenge: the customer landscape had changed dramatically, ignited by the recent pandemic, and the flexible workforce had become more diverse than ever. Qdos needed to reposition their brand to accommodate this new way of working.


We worked with Qdos to create a branded digital experience that appeals to the diversity of today’s self-employed workforce. We’ve given the Qdos brand a modern makeover, establishing a point of difference through a fresh look and feel within an otherwise traditional insurance industry.

Putting people before policies

A brand strategy was created for Qdos before any UX design or development work. Taking this approach gave leaders of the business a chance to re-align their vision with the changes in customer demands and adapt to disruption caused by new start-ups in the business insurance market. It was clear to us that Qdos were proud of their people and believe customer service comes first.

Less confusion for customers means more quotes for Qdos

It turns out that explaining tax services and insurance products isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Qdos had two separate websites: one for contractor services and another for B2B/commercial services. The idea was to merge them and deliver Qdos as a unified experience, making it easy for customers to access everything they need in one place. By simplifying the way everything was organised and improving navigation, customers could understand the value of services and products much earlier in their journey. Moreover, we completely revamped the process of getting a quote. We got rid of the complex form fields and introduced a simplified, step-by-step pathway for users.

Future-friendly platform built for exponential growth

Qdos' previously outdated technology infrastructure hindered operational efficiency, scalability, and the ability to respond quickly to market demands. The new platform, built on Sitecore 10.2 provides Qdos with a robust digital infrastructure to streamline operations and enhance the online insurance-buying process as it continues to evolve to meet changing customer expectations. The enhanced brand image and improved customer experience looks to increase customer acquisition and improve retention rates as Qdos enters new market territories.

“ A huge thank you to all of the team at UNRVLD for your incredible work getting us here and pushing us out of our comfort zone! The results speak for themselves.”

Gemma Cakebread

Head of Marketing Qdos Contractor


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