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The R&A

A new vision for the future of golf
The R&A
Strategy / Experience Design

The new Digital Platfotm for golf’s governing body takes a bold leap forward in how the game of golf is presented to the world, helping to break down barriers to entry whilst providing guidance and support to fans, players, clubs and manufacturers worldwide.

A new vision for the game

The R&A’s mission is to ensure that the game of golf is thriving in 100 years' time. Key to this is creating a major shift in how the game is perceived, widening participation and fostering inclusivity.

The organisation’s new website delivers on this ambition with a bold new digital brand experience that is designed to reach well beyond its traditional audience and challenge assumptions about who the game of golf is for.

Providing a world of knowledge and support

The R&A speak to a hugely diverse audience around the world, from explaining updates in golf ball regulations to manufacturers, to teaching children the rules of the game.

UNRVLD worked closely with them to create a comprehensive content strategy to define clear audience segments, their specific needs and information required, and then how this should be delivered and presented to them.

Year-round Championship Coverage

The new solution provides coverage for all 22 of The R&A’s Championships and events across the year. Offering fans a way to follow online with scoring, stats, commentary and editorial, across multiple formats and types of events.

Fans can access historic records and course information for any event, while players can register, apply and access the information they need for their competition.

Every rule, for every player

Using intuitive navigation and search, the website provides access to the complete rules of golf, with extensive guidance for players, administrators and clubs.

As the custodians and authors of the rules of golf, the R&A also needed to be able to convey the spirit of the rules and help new players start to play the game. To do this, the site provides gradual onboarding and education for new players, helping those at any level be able to understand, learn more and enjoy the benefits of playing the game.


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