A dynamic new vision for the future of golf

The new digital platform for golf’s governing body takes a bold leap forward in the way golf is presented to the world - breaking down barriers to entry whilst providing guidance and support to fans, players, clubs and manufacturers worldwide

The R&A
Strategy, Experience Design

Bringing golf’s oldest governing body into the 21st Century with an aim to make golf more accessible, appealing, and inclusive


The R&A’s mission is to ensure that the game of golf is thriving in 100 years' time. Key to this is creating a major shift in its perception, widening participation and fostering inclusivity.


The organisation’s new website delivers a bold brand experience, designed to reach well beyond its traditional audience and to challenge assumptions about who the game of golf is for. 

Providing a world of knowledge and support

The new site needed to cater for a wide target audience - ranging from children learning the game to golf ball manufacturers. We devised a comprehensive strategy, identifying audience segments, their unique needs and ideal delivery methods. The new site delivers educational guides, empowering individuals at all levels to grasp, delve deeper and savour the rewards of playing the sport.

Championing year-round engagement

Covering all 22 of The R&A's year-round championships and events, the fresh solution offers a way to follow scoring, stats, commentary and editorials across various formats and event types.

Deep brand insights and intel for superfans

Enthusiasts can access historical records and course details, while players can seamlessly register, apply and obtain competition-related information.


Product strategy
Content strategy
Digital brand development 
Experience design
UI system design