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Modernising UK Parliament and migrating 2 million pieces of content
UK Parliament
Design / Optimizely Build / CRO

The UK Parliament site needed significant modernisation. The design and underlying technology were showing their age; it wasn’t mobile friendly, and the site navigation was not as intuitive as it should have been. 

The site also needed to be edited by more than 300 people across several governmental departments and contained thousands of unique pages and dozens of applications. This added up to almost 2 million pieces of content, some dynamically generated, some hardcoded, some constitutionally important, some old and redundant. 


We created a best-in-class installation of the Optimizely CMS, unlocking the power and flexibility for digital experience optimisation and collaboration on content production. This included an extensive library of CMS page and block templates to support delivery of both content and website functions. As well as site search analytics and optimisation tools using Optimizely Search and Navigation.  Workflow management and collaboration tools to support quality content delivery were also implemented.

Consistent and convenient user experiences

We established a new style for UK Parliament's digital presence, ensuring a consistent and positive experience across devices and touchpoints. We created a consistent digital style guide for all UI elements and implemented intuitive navigation and site search which works beautifully across desktop and mobile devices.

Integrated services

We directly integrated with UK Parliament’s custom-built online Calendar Service and developed a headless integration between Optimizely CMS and Parliamentary Committees news service content. 

Efficient content handling

We moved more than 70,000 individual pieces of content using our Content Shift Episerver Content Migration tool. We reconciled more than 20,000 pieces for redundancy and migrated and integrated to dozens of applications, delivering hundreds of thousands of content pieces in the new UI.


UX and UI Design, making use of GDS standards
Optimizely Development
Access Testing
Content Migration
CMS Training of editiors across multiple teams and disciplines


Optimizely Content Cloud

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