2023 Digital Insights for the Financial Services Sector

Tom Holt
Head of Strategy
February 20, 2023
5 minute read

While the financial services sector is accelerating its adoption of digital technology, the current government is also looking to innovation to help grow the UK economy. From the 2030 commitment to the digital pound, to the embracement of open banking and investment in public APIs, digital investment is on the rise across the sector.

Watch now as Tom Holt explores insights to help financial services institutions navigate digital transformation in order to meet the evolving needs of their customers and to take advantage of opportunities in their markets. Tom discusses the benefits and challenges facing the Fintech industry today, how modern composable architecture is replacing traditional technology stacks, decentralised systems and much more.

Tom discusses the composable technology stack, exploring capabilities such as a CMS, a CDP, marketing automations and an experimentation engine which combine to create an agile system. With the right architecture and the right data strategy to sit behind this technology, the various elements of a composable stack work together to benefit FS businesses.

Watch the full video to learn what the future of the industry looks like and discover how to prepare as an FS leader. Or download our latest FS Report 2023 to explore how the latest cloud-based advances can help you keep up with changing customer expectations.