UNRVLD celebrates three Sitecore MVP Awards

Meabh Floyd
March 28, 2023
5 minute read

Kate Orlova, UNRVLD Head of Solution Architect, was recently awarded Sitecore Strategy MVP 2023. As one of only four Strategy MVPs in the UK and 30 worldwide, this is an impressive achievement.

Jeremy Davis UNRVLD Solution Architect was awarded Sitecore Technology MVP for the ninth time, he is a long standing, valued member of the Sitecore community and we’re delighted to call him UNRVLD.

Anna Gevel, UNRVLD Solution Architect was awarded her third Sitecore MVP, but her first in technology. It’s great to see a growth in Anna's expertise, pushing boundaries and being acknowledged for her progress within the Sitecore community.

What they have to say about it:

Jeremy Davis:
For me, being an MVP is all about our Sitecore community. By investing some of my time in sharing the work I’ve been involved with, it’s given me the opportunity to meet loads of like-minded people and learn from their cultures and experiences. From conversations with new developers at local user groups, through to meeting experts from across the globe at international conferences, the common thread is that sharing – and how we all benefit from it.

Anna Gevel:
For me, being a Sitecore MVP is all about helping and supporting people in the Sitecore community. I remember how great it was to learn from Sitecore community experts when I started working with Sitecore many years ago. If now my knowledge and advice helps other people to resolve challenges, achieve goals and learn more about Sitecore platform - this is what makes me happy. It is a great feeling to be a part of this community of professionals and experts from around the globe.

Kate Orlova:
Being a Sitecore MVP is a great reward any Sitecore architect or developer can dream of. For me it is all about cultivating the Sitecore community, supporting newbies, having better visibility of most talked about problems, challenges and even ideas with other MVPs, and sharing your experience online & offline - not just positive, sometimes the negative experience is more helpful and can save people time and unneeded stress. It is also about being privileged and have an early insight into what is coming next in the Sitecore's roadmap, what new features will be released and how the tech stack will change, and have an opportunity to improve the Sitecore products and training materials before they will be released to the public domain.
Good product = happy developers and customers!