Don't be a headless chicken - getting ahead in digital in 2022

Isabelle Clark
Digital Marketing Executive
December 22, 2021
5 minute read

Every smart digital leader understands the benefits of Headless– enabling more content flexibility by decoupling the front from your backend architecture, best-of-breed software in your architecture, adaptability to market changes and customer changes, future-friendliness (replace without rebuild) and supporting innovation, to name a few. But, critically, do you know when a headless approach is best for your business?

Our digital experts believe the adoption of headless as one of the most critical challenges for digital transformation in 2022, so we’ve made it the first topic in our new roundtable series.

Join UNRVLD Lead Technology Strategist, Tom Holt and Digital Strategist, Rick Madigan as they explore:  

  • The current tech shift to composable architecture
  • The rise of headless technologies and where traditional DXPs fit in this evolving space
  • When and why a headless approach is best for your business – and who you need in the conversation to make the right decisions
  • And, most importantly, how to keep the customer experience at the heart of your strategy, despite this tech shift

Spaces are limited so register now – and please provide your name and address to enjoy a breakfast hamper during the event. (If we can’t meet in person, at least we can welcome in the new year with a virtual brunch!) 

*This is a senior brand leader event only; suppliers and students need not apply.