Four digital trends in sports for 2023

Tom Dougherty
Chief Growth Officer
December 19, 2022
5 minute read

Digital experiences are playing a major role in shaping the direction of the sports sector, with clubs and organisations relying on them more than ever to supercharge the fan experience and even improve player performance. To remain competitive in 2023, sports brands will need to embed digital first strategies within their businesses to ensure they build lasting relationships with their fans. Tom explores a selection of trends, a summary of which can be found below, or you can read the full article here.

In the article, Tom shares trends such as the direct-to-fan movement which has seen brands developing strategies to co-exists with rights holders and tech giants who are becoming key players within the sports sector. In 2023 therefore we’re set to see sports organisations continue to use first party data to drive hyper personalised direct-to-fan experiences. Other trends include smart stadia and sportainment which will see sports organisations increase investment in technology and entertainment providers alike to build more engaging in-person experiences for fans. These types of strategies are deliberately designed to support the growth of new audiences and younger markets, breaking down barriers with new innovations in formats, access and technology. Tom’s final trend looks at NFTs within the sector which are set to continue to gain momentum in 2023, but with a bigger emphasis on educating fans to rebuild confidence in these future-viewing technologies.

Overall, the sports industry is set to undergo major transformation in 2023, with new technologies and platforms emerging that are changing the way in which sports are consumed and experienced by fans. Head to WARC to read the full article and find out how to prepare your business for future change now.