Editing Metadata and non-page content in Sitecore

June 1, 2021
5 minute read

One of the more powerful features of Sitecore is the comprehensive page editor. However, we don’t often see some of the best features being used. Yes it’s great to be able to click and edit titles and text, but we rarely see the Sitecore page editor implemented to its full potential.

One of the features tools of the page editor is the ability to edit data that isn’t rendered directly to the page, including meta data for example.

Allowing access to meta title, keywords & description from the ribbon can be very powerful in eliminating the need for the content editor view. This simple addition can potentially speed up the entire web page creation and publishing workflow.

I won’t go into detail on how this is achieved as there is a great blog post by Sitecore’s Adam Conn explaining how to do this.

In addition, the use of Sitecore edit frames can help negate the need for the content editor in multiple situations. Edit frames can allow multiple field types to be exposed in the page editor. They can be launched from the component directly. In the example below, we need to enable content editors to manage/create a list of links formatted consistently.

Yes we could have done this in a rich text editor, but using a multilist can make things a lot easier for the content editor. An edit frame is simply functionality that can surface sitecore fields from within the page editor, when clicking on the field in the page editor a new button is created to launch the multilist. The icon on this button can be customized for your individual needs.

Clicking this icon enables links to be selected from the website,

To create an edit frame, you simply load the content editor in the Core database and navigate to sitecore > content > Applications > WebEdit, then insert an ‘Edit Frame Button Folder’. This will create a new folder in which you can create a field editor button. Simply name the fields you wish to be editable in the ‘Fields’  field, and you have an edit frame!

There are many more ways in which you can leverage the page editor. Stay tuned for a follow on detailing further tips.