Euroleague leads the game as partner UNRVLD takes basketball to a global fanbase

Miranda Glover
Chief Marketing Officer
September 8, 2021
5 minute read

Basketball has fast become a digital first sport, presenting EuroLeague with the opportunity to unite its global fanbase with a best-in-class platform from which to follow all the action.

UNRVLD is partnering InCrowd to deliver a unique, high performance Mobile and Web basketball experience that engages fans and grows commercial revenue through new channels. The website and app are being built on a contemporary MACH architecture with InCrowd’s Bridge platform at the heart of the system, providing high availability APIs for personalised content, digital assets, competition data and user authentication. Dynamic video feeds will be powered by StreamAMG’s “Cloud Matrix” platform. The site will be hosted as static pages in Vercel and served over their Edge Network CDN to deliver a lightning-fast experience for basketball fans worldwide. The bespoke frontend solution is being designed and built by UNRVLD using the latest Next.js and React frameworks.

EuroLeague’s refreshed digital estate will allow full access to every element of the basketball competition with more integrated video content than ever before to entertain and inspire supporters. With a special emphasis on innovative statistic implementation, numbers will be brought to life, engaging new and casual fans through a comparative view of the competition. The direct-to-fan relationship will be further enhanced with exclusive round-by round content to inject excitement into every stage, attracting both EuroLeague’s supporters and commercial partners. UNRVLD is excited for what’s in store for this special competition as EuroLeague continue to develop a more energised, exciting presence off the court.