November 24, 2021
5 minute read

I am very proud to be a Sitecore MVP - a recognised title awarded for my significant contribution, active commitment, and dedication to the Sitecore community, online and offline.

There are only about 300 Sitecore MVPs around the globe, so we are truly an elite group, selected for the quality, quantity and impact of the contributions we make, including the sharing of product expertise and mastery of the Sitecore platform to support both partners and customers all over the world.

My experience of working with Sitecore goes back to 2012 when I attended a Sitecore training on version 6.6. By that time, I already had 10 years of commercial experience with .NET Framework. Over the last 9 years, I have architected and led the implementation of 65 or more websites in Sitecore for global brands across a variety of industry sectors. My typical Sitecore project is an enterprise solution integrated with a minimum of 3 external systems, complex content structure, advanced search functionality and seasonal traffic spikes. I have also designed a number of multisite frameworks with the support of multi brand & multilingual, global and local content, region specific legal requirements, for example, GDPR; and specialise in deployment onto a cloud environment with high availability requirements.

Once I had enough Sitecore expertise I started to focus on

  • Spreading awareness about Sitecore across our international development team and training developers & encouraging them to pass the certification exam;
  • Answering questions on Stack Overflow and Sitecore Stack Exchange, being active on Twitter and other social platforms;
  • Publishing modules to GitHub & Sitecore Marketplace;
  • Writing articles and sharing my experience with others, even contributed into Sitecore documentation;
  • Participating in discussions on all channels such as Stack Overflow, Sitecore Stack Exchange, Slack, Twitter and others;
  • Attending user groups in the UK and Europe to share my own Sitecore experience and most importantly to hear others.

If you are passionate about Sitecore like me and would like to be a Sitecore MVP then start your contribution to the Sitecore community today and make a difference!

We all have work and other commitments, and are always busy, so my MVP tips are

  • Learn how to motivate yourself and try not to use "I have no time" as an excuse and push yourself harder and hander, always go the extra mile;
  • Share your experience with the community - not just positive, sometime the negative experience will be more helpful and will save people time & stress and teach them about how not to do certain things and why, and point them to the right direction;
  • Don't be afraid of trying and soon you will figure out what you are good at;
  • Build modules and release them on GitHub and Sitecore Marketplace to be reusable on other projects;
  • Write good & valuable blog articles, avoid pumping blog posts for the sake of blogging, find what is missing and try to address it (fill the gap); don’t be afraid to collaborate with other teams (I sometimes collaborate with other teams not connected with me on a day to day basis, for example, marketing teams);
  • Record videos of your great implementations & trainings;
  • Be active on all Sitecore channels: Stack Overflow, Sitecore Stack Exchange, Slack, Twitter.

More on my Sitecore experience, amazing Sitecore Community and many pieces of advice for those who would like to become a Sitecore MVP please listen in my interview with great Tamas Varga on the GetToKnowAnMVP podcast here.

It is never too late to start sharing your Sitecore experience with the community. Start your contribution now and you will be awarded soon!