Benefits of setting up a Sitecore intranet

June 1, 2021
5 minute read

In today’s ubiquitously social digital landscape, we go beyond standard social media platforms, as the rise of interactive food delivery apps, digital taxi services and ultra-fast e-commerce delivery sets the benchmark for just how much technology we’ve come to expect from traditional services.

It seems that every area of our lives, both work and private, now offers fluid, extremely usable digital social experiences. With this in mind, why should intranets be any different?

Many of us provide top-tier digital services for our customers, whether it be providing Sitecore services, mobile app experiences or web app services. We strive to make our customers’ lives easier; so why not reflect the same level of efficient service internally to your workforce? By creating an intranet for Sitecore, you can.

Make work a collaborative effort with team interaction

If you’re running an enterprise Sitecore website, chances are that your organisation is of a certain level that it handles complex projects, both digital and offline, that require the dynamic and collaborative effort of many different teams and departments on a day-to-day basis.

If so, creating a secure, private and social space for your employees, departments and even regional headquarters to communicate and work together can help you cut down time spent on projects, increasing productivity and enhancing efficiency.

Using Telligent’s Community platform, you can create your own private social intranet. Easy labelling of teams and departments means that everyone involved in a project can search for, find and contact that crucial team member quickly and easily, resolving the task at hand and allowing you to move onto the next project while less digitally-savvy (and social) businesses are left flicking through their phonebooks.

Cut down on project time by providing easy to use resources

When the deadline of a newly acquired project or task looms over you, there’s always the initial rush of resource gathering to get all the information you need to start work. Perhaps you need a whitepaper from IT, a couple of log-in details and to read a tutorial on setting up a new application.

Whatever it is you require, we all recognise that feeling of urgently sending out meeting invites to person A, calling up person B and emailing person C asking for resources and documents. With a Sitecore intranet set up, you can cut down on this initial slow phase of organisation, as whitepapers, tutorials, images and just about any kind of documentation can be uploaded securely for easy internal access.

Enhance productivity with interactive features and applications

From blogs and forums, through to Wikis and chat functions, there’s no shortage of productivity-enhancing features and functions available to customise your social intranet with Telligent Community.

But these features don’t just make for an enjoyable user experience, they also enhance productivity by allowing users to interact with time-saving tools, such as easy-to-digest Wikis, clear and concise calendars, as well as problem-resolving Q&A forums.

Create your Sitecore intranet today

Telligent community easily integrates with leading enterprise applications, such as Microsoft SharePoint, as well as connecting with numerous other third party applications thanks to its REST APIs, Community .NET REST SDK and GitHub availability.

If the above sounds like the kind of forward-thinking digital environment you want to create for your organisation, then get in touch, we’ll be happy to explain how we can help you integrate your Sitecore platform with Telligent Community to get the most out of your team.