How well-organised is your enterprise website structure?

Isabelle Clark
Digital Marketing Executive
April 26, 2022
5 minute read

If you missed UNRVLD's latest virtual breakfast event, 'How to Optimise your Enterprise Platform for SEO', the entire talk is now available on our YouTube channel.

Split in to three bite-sized sections, our experts shared the latest algorithm changes in the industry and explained how to return a more positive ROI through improved architecture and technical SEO implementations.

Part one is presented by Gregg Turner, UNRVLD Head of Performance, who begins the event by providing an overview of how to approach new website builds from pre-development to post-launch.

Gregg then introduces George Webb, SEO Consultant at UNRVLD, to demonstrate the optimal website architecture for enterprise sites and reveal some key SEO tactics to get the most out of internal search.

To conclude the event, Luke Wilson, SEO Lead at UNRVLD, unveils the best methods to optimising your multimedia content and how to utilise legacy content to your advantage.

Click below to watch now: