Innovative Product Configurator For Camira Fabrics

Miranda Glover
Chief Marketing Officer
August 30, 2021
5 minute read

Visual customer experiences are taking the e-commerce market by storm, enabling companies to digitise the explanation of their physical products in a more user-friendly way. Covid-19 has only elevated consumer expectation of online shopping and businesses are looking to digital tools to innovate their product portfolio and boost sales.

For the manufacturing sector especially, smart design thinking enhances your brand’s transactional capability and helps to reach a wider global audience with a more compelling experience.

The simple digital tool engages customers in an interactive shopping experience with Camira’s fabrics during the most critical point in the purchase journey.

It claws back an element of a physical shopping experience by immersing shoppers in a realistic depiction of the fabrics. It enables customers to select different coloured fabrics and design transport seats in 3D.

We integrated with colormass’ standalone platform, using their expertise in virtual photography for furniture to capture fabrics digitally. This visual technology brings Camira’s fabrics to life, giving customers a better idea of how their chosen fabric will look and feel from every angle of a seat. This drives revenue by allowing customers the creative freedom to mix and match patterns, colours and complementary trims to create their perfect combination.

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