UNRVLD Interview Optimizely CEO

Isabelle Clark
Digital Marketing Executive
November 21, 2022
5 minute read

What’s new?

UNRVLD's Steven Cassin and Optimizely's Alex Atzberger sat down at Opticon in San Diego to discuss Optimizely’s pivot towards experimentation and how the platform is encouraging a culture of change within the organisations that it works with.

They explored the partnerships that lie at the heart of Optimizely’s mission to deliver more intelligent, data-driven experiences for their customers. From making experimentation practices more accessible to the mainstream market, to the possibilities of their new content marketing platform, Welcome. The Optimizely platform now enables you to orchestrate the entire content lifecycle, driving your business outcomes by increasing revenue and decreasing costs. Steven and Alex certainly got under the skin of this exciting DXP whilst demonstrating how the latest news from Opticon could impact your future digital roadmap.

Catch the full interview here and check out our YouTube playlist to view the entire UNRVLD | Opticon series.