Pivoting utilities to a more sustainable e-commerce model

Isabelle Clark
Digital Marketing Executive
September 23, 2021
5 minute read

There is nothing worse than a wasted journey for a customer. It’s frustrating for them and expensive for you. By pivoting our clients’ attention to more customer-first products and services, they’re both improving their customer relationships and the bottom line. By instilling a culture of innovation, we help them deliver their own digital transformation projects that prioritise and solve critical customer pain points. These result in greater loyalty, trust and purchase.

How we’re delivering change

Biffa Waste Management Services
works for businesses of varying sizes and within all sectors across the UK. They help them decide which waste management services, collections and recycling services best fit their needs. Biffa’s services stretch from general waste collections and hazardous waste management, to dry mixed recycling and much more.

We’ve helped them to create an easy to access, anytime B2B e-commerce solution to complex waste management. We overcame the legislation-led nature of a waste contract with a four-step self-serve online journey, removing an over-reliance on fixed customer service operating hours and facilitating more environmentally conscious purchases.

Leveraging the Sitecore platform, we’ve implemented bespoke elements such as pricing models and service availability, as well as the platform’s personalisation features to ensure a tailored-to-fit self-serve customer experience.

Biffa is now able to deliver bespoke online services to their business customers, supporting them in achieving their sustainable goals. A good example is their partnership with ITSU, the Asia-inspired restaurant chain. Biffa has helped them to divert 100% of waste from landfill, converting it to RDF, so that their environmental impact is minimised. The clear pathway from search to contracted waste exceeded forecasted sales targets for the first trading period by 420%.

Welsh Water is anon-for-profit company, which means they put every penny they make goes straight back into keeping bills down and looking after Wales’ water and beautiful environment – now, and for years to come. Over the past five years we’ve partnered them to deliver efficiencies through self-serve, an enhanced customer journey and improved internal business operations.

We’ve removed technical debt and integrated their back-end systems to deliver automation. We’ve also optimised content to the 1.4 million businesses and homes they serve. We delivered a Sitecore platform that eases the self-serve process with fewer internal touch points and manual intervention. This has significantly reduced Welsh Water’s cost to serve.

With internal business operations in order, Welsh Water now adopts iterative service delivery based on customer needs. They are harnessing the full capability of Sitecore to deliver conscious features that limit the environmental impact of water usage and reduce the number of customers in debt. 

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