Quarterly update from Dan Berry, UNRVLD CEO

July 31, 2023
5 minute read

It’s already past the mid-point of 2023 – how time in digital flies. For this update, I’ve taken some time to reflect on the first  half of the year, exploring key market trends and UNRVLD highlights over the past quarter.

From conversations with our clients over the past few months, it seems we all are grappling with common challenges, such as:

- How can we make the most of our customer data?
- What can we get better equipped to deal with uncertain economic times?
- I keep hearing terms like ‘composable’ and ‘MACH’ – are they relevant to me?

This year has also raised the massive spectre of AI. “What does AI mean and what are the risks and opportunities?” has quickly become a mainstay of many of our client meetings.

It’s more important than ever for us at UNRVLD to help you navigate these challenges. And even more importantly, to help you turn them into real world applications that drive ROI. Outcomes over outputs. This is what drives our philosophy - or what we call ‘the UNRVLD way’.

I hope our quarterly review provides light summer reading and the inspiration, insights and opportunities to help you with these category-defining transformations that will drive the digital agenda for the next half year. I've chosen the following highlights to bring you up to speed with some of the great work that has been going on at the agency over the past quarter:

Defining an effective data strategy
Sameer Rahman, UNRVLD Chief Data Officer, reveals why understanding your digital maturity and critical pain points are key drivers in building a successful data strategy. Plus, he explores some actionable recommendations that your strategy should cover.

How to adopt AI into your business
Many businesses are in the midst of exploring key strategies and approaches for incorporating AI into their digital strategies. Rick Madigan, UNRVLD Lead Digital Strategist, explores how to make sure AI is used in an explainable, ethical, and productive manner.

Fuelling Fandom – outcomes from roundtable breakfast event
UNRVLD’s recent breakfast event sparked an insightful discussion on the digital strategies brands are enlisting to understand their customer base better. Discover the outputs from the event here and learn how to create superfans for brands.

Next: Global Platform for Manpower Group
UNRVLD has partnered with Right Management, part of ManpowerGroup, to design their new outplacement career management platform - Next. Go to the full case study to learn how our UNRVLD design team brought this platform to life.

UNRVLD Senior Hire: Andrew Williams returns from Avanade
UNRVLD's senior hire, Andrew Williams, from Avanade, marks the return of a leading digital expert to the agency. Learn what skills Andrew brings to the agency as he rejoins the senior team as Managing Partner.

UNRVLD wins at the Sitecore Partner Awards 2023
UNRVLD has been awarded Investment in Delivery Excellence at the 2023 Sitecore Partner Awards. Learn more about the awards through the link above.