Sitecore upgrade

June 28, 2021
5 minute read

The release of Sitecore 9 makes it a great time for customers to consider a Sitecore upgrade. It brings a whole host of new features and technology, such as machine learning, xConnect and the updated web forms tool, Sitecore Forms.

With this new wave of technology, it’s easier than ever to get websites to market faster, deliver targeted marketing and gain valuable insights that will inform future campaigns.

If you’re still using legacy versions of the platform, such as Sitecore 6.x, 7.x or 8.x, you’re missing out on ways to deliver personalised customer experiences across an array of devices and endpoints. Using older software, you won’t be able to integrate multiple data sources, execute A/B testing as you go or craft a range of detailed customer personas to market to.

With many brands and businesses already taking advantage of these features, it’s an opportunity most organisations don’t want to miss out on.

How has Sitecore changed?

When Sitecore 6 was released in 2008, the web was a very different, and much simpler place. Releases 7.x and 8.x introduced users to omnichannel digital experiences and advanced cloud deployment. With the release of Sitecore 9, the level of data insights, personalisation and marketing power available transforms what’s possible for today’s Sitecore developers and digital marketers.

If you’re wondering how much more you’ll get out of Sitecore 9, we’ve put together some differences in versions and reasons to upgrade.

Sitecore upgrade from 6.x – unsupported and outdated

With a substantial difference now existing between Sitecore 6.x and 9, the reasons for upgrading are simple.

Firstly, mainstream support for Sitecore 6.6 (along with all previous versions) ended in December 2015. This means that free support, advice and patches are no longer available from Sitecore.

6.x’s lack of content and marketing capabilities means that competitors will be light years ahead in terms of what they can publish, personalise and produce with today’s tools.

Sitecore 9’s machine learning, personalisation and compatibility with the Internet of Things integrates your content with customer data and behaviour. A winning formula that gets results.

Sitecore upgrade from 7.x

Sitecore 7.x was a huge step up in terms of integrating mobile and other channels. 7.x’s shiny new interface, testing features and its ability to gather customer data pushed the boundaries further.

While 7.x was a powerful, high-performing platform for testing and data collection, digital technology doesn’t stop developing. Sitecore 9’s ability to combine these elements together within the CMS leads to faster, more effective publishing.

Sitecore upgrade from 8.x

Building on the advanced features of Sitecore 8.x, Sitecore 9 supports content migration from versions 6.6 up to 8.0. Those using version 8.1 and 8.2 can perform a very simple upgrade instantly.

New features in 9.x, such as xConnect, help to unify and centralise data, bringing a whole new level of personalisation to the forefront. Existing features, such as Sitecore Experience Accelerator(SXA) are given a new effectiveness and functionality when used alongside newer features.

Get in touch today and upgrade to the latest version of Sitecore

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