Transacting online with Arcadis Gen

October 15, 2021
5 minute read

Arcadis Gen’s subscription-based service model varies in complexity, so we're designing a platform to support their multiple service offers whilst providing a range of subscription fees. We’ve also created smart design solutions to ensure customers fully understand Arcadis Gen’s products and service offerings, which are not tangibly visible.

Using expert intuitive design, we're ensuring that the new area of the site will blend seamlessly into the existing website. We’ve maintained a feel of “difference” in the design for the new area whilst aligning it with Arcadis Gen’s recognised branding and styling.

We’re taking an agile, responsive approach to the project, learning along the way, and ensuring that discovery constantly defines the end solution. This collaborative working style has ensured great communication between our teams throughout the project. With a planned future programme of work set to deliver exceptional results, we are excited for what’s in store in 2022.