UNRVLD announce 9-day fortnight

Meabh Floyd
March 28, 2023
5 minute read

Here at UNRVLD we encourage a healthy work life balance, trust in our teams and happier employees. In January 2022 we started trialling a 9-day fortnight scheme, giving our employees the option to work their fortnightly hours over nine days, taking the tenth day off as a free day, (a Friday).​

A year on and we know how much the scheme is valued at UNRVLD and what a difference it makes to our employees.

Employee feedback:

9-day fortnight makes a huge difference in willingness to work longer hours when required, feeling appreciated and rewarded 

I absolutely adore the 9-day fortnight. Having an excellent work life balance is so important to me, and being trusted to just crack on with my day to day job is fantastic 

The company offers great flexibility and with the introduction of 9-day fortnight I think it's given us all some time back and allows us to have a breather whether it's your day off or you're in and others are off. It's makes teams more productive and focused 

The addition of the 9-day fortnight has really improved my work/life balance, as well as improving my mental health dramatically.

Our employees are at the heart of what we do at UNRVLD. Implementing this scheme is working to instil trust, better the wellbeing of our team and to ensure they understand how much we value their time outside of work.