Launch: UNRVLD designs ‘Next’, a global platform for Manpower Group

Isabelle Clark
Digital Marketing Executive
July 25, 2023
5 minute read

A new digital platform that combines expert career coaching with cutting edge design to help candidates transition with confidence.

Right Management, part of Manpower Group, has launched Next - an innovative outplacement and career development digital platform which has been designed by UNRVLD.

The Next platform acts as a personal digital portal for users, evolving with them as they move closer to securing the next step in their career. It offers tailored career advice, self-directed learning and a bespoke job search board to help candidates make their next career move.

The Next platform has been designed by the team at UNRVLD using a human-centred design system based on extensive research and user testing to provide an intelligent, compassionate and useful service.

The design incorporates conversational language, a relaxed tone and a calming colour palette in recognition of the likely heightened emotional state of some users as they access the service to transition careers. A toggle functionality enables candidates to switch between dark and light mode, taking into consideration that they may be active at different times of day.

Says Tom Dougherty, UNRVLD Chief Growth Officer:

“We are incredibly proud of the successful launch of Next, Right Management’s new career transition platform. The intelligent, human-centred design system shows off our expertise in designing digital experiences with purpose. Each part of the new platform has been carefully considered for its audience and we hope it will help to advance users in their professional journeys for years to come. We developed a strong collaborative relationship with the team at Right Management and we look forward to many more successful projects across ManpowerGroup”.

Once logged-in, a candidate’s portal is personalised to suit their needs, providing them with customised recommendations and filtering resources according to their individual preferences.

Functions include a dedicated ‘My Coach’ area, which allows candidates to schedule meetings and receive feedback from their personal career coach throughout their transition journey; an embedded job search functionality allowing them to browse, save and compare jobs all in one place and a resource section showcasing videos, events and workshops.

A large part of the project was ensuring that these platforms all work together as a seamless experience, for example a career coach can log in and recommend content to their users.

The platform is now moving into a global rollout, starting with UK, France and Australia.