UNRVLD empowers Citeline's global digital strategy

Isabelle Clark
Digital Marketing Executive
August 2, 2023
5 minute read

UNRVLD announces the launch of a new site for Citeline following the brand’s recent divestment from FTSE 100 company Informa and rebrand to an independent entity.

UNRVLD has launched the first stage of a digital transformation programme that is enabling Citeline to to improve the delivery of the world-class suite of products and services that global pharmaceutical and biotech industries rely on. View the new site here.

The programme repositions the Citeline web estate as a core component of their martech stack, following the loss of access to their previous website and infrastructure after the divestiture. We've rethought the user experience, integrating online and offline, so that all component parts of their marketing strategy work together in harmony to deliver tangible value to both users and Citeline.  

Says Chris Sadler, Citeline Snr Director, Commercialisation & Innovation:

UNRVLD has established a reputation in the market for high quality engineering and Sitecore expertise, having deployed enterprise digital platforms at pace and scale for other globally recognised brands like NTT. With a need to establish our new brand quickly due the divestment from Informa, Citeline approached UNRVLD direct, forgoing what is often a protracted pitch process for programmes of this scale.

The digital estate forms the backbone of Citeline’s evolution to a new brand identity, better positioning the company's focus on research and the role it plays in improving patient outcomes. Central to the programme is a flexible framework built on Sitecore that will enable the digital experience to evolve in line with the continued growth and ambition of Citeline.

Says Andy Ferries, UNRVLD COO:

The work we’re doing with Citeline is a real testament to our niche in the market and our long history of being a top tier Sitecore partner. We’re helping to establish a new global brand in-market, with a platform that we can build and deploy quickly, and with scalability at the centre of our long-term ambition. We’re excited about helping Citeline remain unrivalled in clinical trial intelligence by deploying cutting edge strategies and technologies.

With UNRVLD's expertise, Citeline is set to leverage a future-proofed digital ecosystem that supports its growth trajectory and strengthens its position as a leader in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors.