UNRVLD releases our Digital Trends Report 2024

Rick Madigan
UNRVLD Lead Strategist
January 22, 2024
5 minute read

UNRVLD’s experts have surfaced five trends that will help you succeed in our increasingly digital-led world. The report, authored by UNRVLD strategists Rick Madigan and Lars Bjornbakk, covers key challenges facing all business leaders today. Download the report now to ensure your roadmap addresses your critical business drivers for the year ahead.

The 5 key trends included are:

Creating a Total Experience Strategy

Businesses failing to build and deploy a Total Experience (TX) Strategy risk falling behind the competition in 2024, with costly silos that miss the mark on customers’ expectations.  

Embracing Composability

The need for every part of your organisation to run as efficiently as possible has never been greater. Your digital footprint is no exception.  

Placing Commerce Everywhere

The modern commerce experience is intricate, bringing together a combination of systems to meet the expectations and desires of the modern consumer. If you’re ready to accept this challenge, you will unlock significant potential and reap greater commercial rewards.  

Adopting Experimentation

Brands who focus on establishing and maturing an experimentation programme will see a significantly higher return on digital investment than peers who do not prioritise experimentation and CRO.  

Embedding Operational AI

The push towards customer-centricity is forcing organisations to rethink how they operate to deliver against new digital experiences. A.I. technology will become increasingly affordable and easy for organisations to leverage.  

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