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22 Feb

Data Integration Roundtable: March 17

minute read
Join this UNRVLD roundtable to harness the true value of your enterprise data through our five connected steps.

The lack of a data-driven culture plagues the heads of many digital enterprises. The pace and scale of transformation often leaves essential processes lagging on their digital roadmap. Data siloed across departments fails to deliver that highly-coveted single customer view, let alone a ‘best-in-class’ experience for your customers – or, most critically, on the aggressive targets set by your stakeholders.

Join this exclusive roundtable to hear Kate Fitzpatrick and Rick Madigan, two of UNRVLD’s award-winning digital experts, explain how to harness the true value of your enterprise data.

With client examples from the award-winning UNRVLD portfolio, including Barratt Homes, New Era Cap, Gymshark, NTT and Roquette. This is the first of UNRVLD’s new 'Five Connected Steps' roundtable series.

Spaces are limited so register now - and please provide your name and address to enjoy a free breakfast hamper during the event.

*This is a senior digital leader event only; suppliers and students need not apply.

+44 20 3214 0009
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