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30 Nov

Interview: Guillermo Rauch, Vercel

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UNRVLD recently caught up with Guillermo Rauch, founder and CEO of Vercel, the pioneering platform designed for frontend developers, providing the speed and reliability innovators need to create at the moment of inspiration. Rauch is also the original author and designer of NEXT.JS.

Rauch explained how Vercel is accelerating innovation on the frontend as we move into the new composable era, enabling brands to create across multi-brand, personalise down to each user and build real-time experiences.

During the interview which took place as he came off stage at Sitecore Symposium, Chicago recently, we also explored the relationship between Vercel and Sitecore, getting under the skin of what this partnership means for customers. By integrating the Sitecore solution with Vercel, businesses can build better and scale faster, enjoying all the benefits of Sitecore’s features whilst iterating on the frontend at a rapid pace. We’re excited to see how this innovative partnership plays out between us and our many clients who are adopting the platform, in 2023.

Learn more and watch the full interview today.

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