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13 Jul

Sitecore CPO, Dave O’Flanagan: Interview

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As we begin the lead up to Sitecore Symposium 2022 in Chicago, we look back to World Tour. UNRVLD CEO, Dan Berry and Sitecore Chief Product Officer, Dave O’Flanagan, sat down to discuss Sitecore’s future roadmap and the exciting journey from XM to Cloud and SaaS products.

With a series of recent acquisitions that have broadened Sitecore’s portfolio, the platform has moved beyond XM, XP and XC and into a more composable space. The two experts dissected Sitecore’s new product portfolio, focusing on the newly defined three core pillars: Content, Experience and Commerce.

Dave discussed the different ways in which customers can take advantage of Sitecore’s new product set and adopt a headless-first mentality. Buyers now have the option to go all in with composable, or combine XM and composable architectures, being tactical for future proofing their Sitecore upgrades for the Cloud.  

The two spoke further on the how this new composable world is saying farewell to the expensive and painful upgrades or hosting of XM. Instead, Sitecore is embracing the infinite scalability that Cloud and SaaS products offer that grants customers flexibility and agility within their tech stack.

Looking to the future, Dave shared that Sitecore are focusing on Analytics, looking beyond 2D content with AR and VR. As the business goes from strength to strength, he highlights the importance of collaboration to get the job done smoothly.

Catch the full interview here and check out our YouTube playlist to view the entire UNRVLD | Sitecore Symposium World Tour series.

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