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24 Nov

Sitecore Interview: Dave O’Flanagan

minute read
Chief Product Officer, Dave O’Flanagan stole the show at this year’s Sitecore Symposium with a comprehensive overview of Sitecore’s best-of-breed composable DXP that included three new cloud-based products.

UNRVLD Solution Architect and Sitecore MVP, Jeremy Davis caught up with Dave in Chicago to delve a little deeper into the latest updates and explore what opportunities they present for Sitecore customers. Jeremy learned how Sitecore have cemented their position in market with a strong core platform that integrates well with other solutions to better deliver on the complex wants and needs of today’s customer. From a new headless CMS, Content Hub One, to AI-powered search and a new integration product, Sitecore certainly fulfilled last year’s promise of accelerated innovation.

Catch the full interview here and check out our YouTube playlist to view the entire UNRVLD |Sitecore Symposium series.

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