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29 Jan

UNRVLD Tech Talks: Introducing Vercel

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Vercel and UNRVLD experts discuss the benefits of headless technology and how, together with Sitecore technology, our teams work to achieve quick, simple, scalable frontend deployment for your business

UNRVLD Head of Strategy, Tom Holt, joined Matt Reid, Senior Sales engineer at Vercel, and host Glenn Saler, Strategic Alliance Manager, at Vercel, for an interesting webinar. They discussed how UNRVLD works with Sitecore and Vercel to reduce time to market and create exceptional user experiences with minimal technical uplift. Watch the full webinar below.

They kicked off the discussion exploring the vast changes to the MarTech landscape over the last 12 years, covering key benefits across a range of technology stacks. Tom explored the advantages of headless technology and discussed how, when managed efficiently, a composable architecture can build richer omnichannel digital experiences without compromising on agility.

Matt then spoke insightfully on how Vercel’s toolkit helps frontend developers evade the hurdles which are often presented when working with headless technology. Vercel is framework agnostic meaning the platform provides instant infrastructure on every code commit and therefore no configuration is needed from a frontend developer.

Watch the full video below to learn more about this technological partnership, and how together, we can build a better technical solution for your business.

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