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Arcadis Gen

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Arcadis Gen
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Arcadis Gen is a global software services company, delivering unique Enterprise data-driven solutions to customers worldwide. 

UNRVLD was set the challenge to create a new Marketplace platform with eCommerce functionality, enabling customers to purchase Arcadis Gen’s SaaS apps online. 

Explaining products and pricing with a pioneering design

We created a revolutionary mobile-first design for the new area of the site, complete with new layouts and components that blend seamlessly into the existing architecture.

Smart design solutions work to visually explain Arcadis Gen’s complex product offerings, whilst the newsroom area of the site enables their internal teams to publish editorial pieces in a variety of formats. 

Multiple technologies working in headless harmony 

The Marketplace platform is powered by a seamless blend of technology. Kentico Xperience has been deployed in a headless way as a Product Information Management (PIM) system and to provide eCommerce functionality on the site.

In the front-end layer, Sitecore communicates product and pricing details via a Kentico API in a headless manner, driving customers to purchase with basket and checkout functionality. This unique relationship gives customers the capability to buy multiple products through various subscription-based models.

Multi-currency transactional capability

The solution is integrated with payment processing software, Stripe, allowing Arcadis Gen to display pricing details in multiple currencies for their global customer base. Location-based tax has also been enabled to ensure dynamic tax pricing, facilitating a seamless transaction process for customers.

Well-integrated and future-fit

The first phase of HubSpot integration allows tracking of users between the digital website platform and the CRM. Plans to build on this functionality and add more features including an FAQs section are set to expand this unique shopping experience even further in 2022.


A new Marketplace platform
Headless approach
eCommerce capability


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