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15 Jul

The University of Tomorrow - available now on demand

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UNRVLD hosted a breakfast event to explore how institutions in the higher education sector can invest in digital to stay ahead of the competition and secure the next generation of students.

Tom Dougherty, UNRVLD Chief Growth Officer was joined by Polly Pospelova, Optimisation Director, to dissect how you can break out of the 'digital budget box' to supercharge your university and create an optimised campaign strategy reflective of the annual recruitment calendar. Moderated by Amy Tootell, Business Development Director.

They shared the key factors in creating a business case for investment in sector-leading digital transformation, using our UNRVLD framework for success and key requirements for building a future-proof digital roadmap. The talk concluded with a detailed exploration of smart campaign planning around the recruitment cycle, particularly in the lead up to clearing, constructing an optimum campaign strategy using personalised experiences and real-time reporting.

With examples from our award-winning programmes for Leeds Beckett University, Essex, Birmingham and other leading universities, our experts provide a clear overview of why your institution should buy-into UNRVLD’s blended technology, experience and optimisation services.

Watch now.

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